You've heard of the power of blogs for your website and business, but where do you find the time? You have a great product or service but writing isn't your strength? Maybe you even set up your blog with the best of intentions, posted once or twice, and then forgotten it. You are busy after all. If you are not blogging consistently you are doing yourself and your a business a disservice. No one likes coming across a great website, product, or service only to find the last time it updated was three years ago. 

Do you need a guest blogger or a new perspective on your niche? 

That's where I can help! 

I will provide a short consultation to identify your goals, need, and scope of the project. From there I will happily use your notes, or brainstorm with you, to come up with compelling content to keep your readers coming back for more. 

Articles & Features

I have a wealth of experience in a variety of areas, genres, and topics. I have taught in schools; worked with children of all ages, needs, and abilities; worked in the retail industry for over 10 years; developed and ran summer cooking camps; taught and trained customer service; lived, travelled and got lost abroad and much more. Whether you are looking for an article on cat food, parenting, what to pack for your first trip, or how to keep your customers coming back I can write it. 

Product Info, Bio Pages, Other Web Content

So you want to sell your product. It's the best product ever. Great! Let me help by creating a brief but alluring summary of your product to draw your target audience. Or you want to update your Biography page and need a helping hand. Not everyone likes talking about themselves. But, you are awesome and the world should know it. If you are providing a service, a face to go with the name is not a want to have it is a need to have!  

From the Home Page on let me work with you to build the best web content for your site. 

Proof Reading

Everyone needs a second pair of eyes on their work. I will edit your work or web page for basic structure, grammar, spelling and punctuation. 

Beta Reading and Manuscript/article critique

Looking for someone to read your latest novel, graphic novel, or article. Need constructive feedback on structure, content, character development etc. I will look at your work and give you constructive feed back to improve your piece. 

Custom Project

Is what you need not listed? Great! Let me know the details and I will be happy help.